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This luxurious all natural UNISEX parfum body oil is sure to turn heads. Change the way you wear your scent. Mix with your favorite body lotion or raw shea butter. A little goes a long way!
Angel number 10 is believed to be The perfect number. Just like a baby born with 10 fingers & ten toes. This number is reminding you that change is good & to not be afraid of it. Step into the future with confidence and optimism. You have the ability to create your own Future, the destiny that you want and desire. Angel number 10 is telling you that you should not let any opportunities that will show up in your life to pass, because you never know what amazing people, experiences or places these may bring up to you.


Top: Ozone, Orange
Middle: Rose, Orange Blossom, Viole Base: Powder, Cedar, musk

2 oz/all natural parfum oil

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